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  • Very friendly staff and great resources for the homeless males. Shelter and food providers. Clothing business next door.

    Asheed A.

  • Good Samaritan staff and residents were such a blessing to me. They have become a part of my forever family. No ministry is perfect, but they love and serve God with their whole hearts. May God continue to bless them as they walk out the great commission and serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

    Beverly S.

  • The most amazing organization that I would give anything to help because they care about everyone!

    Don M.

  • I received a lot of love and support from my spiritual brothers and sisters when I resided there. I express my condolences for both Pastors Vito and Jason. I became reacquainted with the Lord by them. I am sorrowed by Pastor Vito's passing away , and wished I had been there to say goodbye. Revelation 21:3-5 is one good passage to read. I will be grateful till time indefinite for what they did for me. Bless this ministry always.🙏🌞🎸 Congratulations to Pastor Clay,a fearless and bold leader!I hope to return there and serve under his leadership & if not permitted to return, I'll ask god to bless them always ❤️

    Johnny R.

  • Everyone at Good Samaritan Ministries are caring, dedicated to helping those in need, and they treat you like family! Thank you for everything you've done for my life and recovery.

    David S.

  • I needed my lawn cut, my hedges trimmed, and Good Samaritan Ministries are the only people I call. Thank you for the years of service!

    Carol P.

  • Good Samaritan is the family I never had. They showed me the love of God and how to be a true believer of Jesus Christ! I'm so thankful for what God has done in my life through this place. The chains that have been broken, the restoration, and the forgiveness (given and received), the healing, and so many other things! I could go on and on about this place, but I will say that the presence of God dwells richly here!

    Stacey S.

  • God through Good Samaritan Ministries saved my life. I came here 5 years ago homeless off the streets of Miami, detoxing and extremely broken, my 3 kids wanted nothing to do with me. I was broke not a penny to my name. They (pastor v and staff) took me in with open arms and loved me till I could love myself. They read the word of God to me and showed the love of Christ. God has restored everything the devil stole from me and much more. My kids have a amazing life here at Good Samaritan. A kinda life I alone would never have been able to provide. Only a life God can provide Jehovah- Jireh- the Lord is my provider! Thank you God and Good Samaritan Ministrys for all that you do for me and my kids and others. And giving me a place I can call home!

    Amanda M.

  • I have not attended church in over 20 yrs. I have been a life long addict and ultimately ended up serving time in jail. Over the holidays members of this organization brought care packages to the inmates and more importantly prayer. One woman even related to me as she also had the same addiction and had now been sober for 4yrs. She did not judge me but expressed understanding and empathy. I plan to attend service here because of the way they are so kind. I want to dedicate my life to gods will for me and help others.

    Sherry P.

  • The Lord is in this place!!! If you're tired of having a broken 💔 and want a fresh anointing over your life come.

    Eimy L.

  • September marked my eighth year at Good Samaritan Ministry. God saved my life through this ministry.

    Thelma U.

  • Great congregation of people. Family atmosphere that helps lots of men, women, and children using the mighty power of the Lord. Come see God working miracles in everyone's lives. Thank you God for Good Samaritan Ministry!

    Alissa C

  • This Ministry has taken many that no one else would take, it is a blessing to this community. They do a tremendous amount to help those who need help and their children. They do have services in the evenings, they know they couldn't love like this without the Love of God.

    Kathleen N.