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Faith-based Programs

At Good Samaritan Ministries, we believe that every human being – woman, man, and child – has the right to human dignity. Every decision we make as a Ministry is focused on using our talent and resources to improve the community through our work, our volunteerism, and the ethical way we conduct our operations.

It’s why we’ve created a culture of serving people beyond expectation, and it’s why people are coming back and take notice. Our employees and volunteers come to work every day because they know their work matters, both in impacting the community and the lives of less fortunate, as well as their own lives.

We have a set of projects that are long-term commited to achieve and impact socially, economically and spiritually the people that are most in need. The programs are constructed to address the specific needs of the local region, and they can vary in size and scope. Our Programs are not able to exist without your help, financially and through donations and volunteerism.

We envision a place where everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Because of your support, we are able , together, to change the lives of many. And for that, we Thank you!

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