About Us

Good Samaritan Ministries was founded through the inspiration and foresight of Pastor Vito Bitetto. While bringing the Good News of the Gospel to those incarcerated at the Port Saint Lucie Correctional Facility, Brother Vito, was being compelled by the Lord Jesus Christ to find a solution to the many men who did not have any place to go upon their release. The need for establishing a safe, Christian environment where men would be able to continue their discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they integrated back to society became clearly evident.

After prayerful consideration and guidance, a home was acquired in January of 2012 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida to serve as a Christ-centered, restoration house. As the need for more housing grew and a second property was leased in July of 2012. Soon afterwards, the second home was also filled to capacity and a thrift store was established to help support the rising costs of housing, feeding and providing for the basic needs of those under the care of Good Samaritan Ministries.

During this time, the Lord was strongly impressing upon Pastor Vito to give up his highly successful business which helped support the ministry and enter, by faith, into full-time ministry by establishing more houses of refuge for His children, trusting that He would provide the means to do so.

About Us
  • Despite very challenging circumstances and financial burdens, the vital need for establishing a similar refuge and safe haven for women and children became apparent. As this need was being  diligently prayed about at the weekly Bible Study held in his home, the plight of a young lady and her child having no home came upon Pastor Vito and the fellowship. Not finding any other alternative, Pastor Vito and his wife Charlene opened their own home to this young lady and her child for a period of nine months. The young lady’s gradual transformation towards a faith-filled, Christ-centered lifestyle was very encouraging. Despite reservations of taking on women and children, the constant and continual requests for safe housing for women and children compelled us to open our first women’s home in May of 2013.
    The need for safe-housing in our community which serves to restore broken lives and families is great. We now have four homes for men and four homes for women and children. Pastor Vito has
    always been constrained by the love of Christ to never turn anyone away who wanted and needed help. Oftentimes the resources have been very limited. We have often been pressed beyond measure to meet the financial resources and labor required to keep the ministry running. By selling items in our Thrift Store and on-line on eBay, through funds generated by our Lawn Care Services, our Moving and Cleaning Services we have managed to provide our services now for over three years.
    Despite great trials and trying circumstances, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have been steadily moving along in His service, learning to be sustained by His vital, wondrous presence.
  • Pastor Vito Bitetto literally believed in the solemn admonishment of the Lord Jesus Christ in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37): “and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. ” He undertook to make this Scripture, in it’s entirety, as the mission statement for the Ministry. Though Good Samaritan Ministries has drafted a formal mission statement and has been approved and recognized as a Non-Profit 501C3 Corporation, the Charter and purpose of the corporation is formulated purely by the revelation found in God’s Holy Scriptures. “Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.” In a similar vein, the earnest admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ found in the gospel of Matthew 25:31-40 also serves as a guide for all the efforts done in this ministry.
    While we thoroughly enjoy His worship and His Presence in our nightly Church services, comforting the broken-hearted by binding up their wounds is become our calling and service. We trust in the Lord’s ability in us to give hope to those entrusted in our care. We rejoice to see the transformation of lives and the restoration of families right before our very eyes. We have become a family and we are delighted that the Lord has knit us one to another in love. We are extremely grateful and mindful of His grace that abounds among us.
    Praise be to God !